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Our Motto :

Our commitment to deliver quality Equipments and services is pivotal in satisfying the high standards of our customers with our experience of above 10 years Having a wide sales/service network in RAJASTHAN, we can be the trusted partners of customers who seek to maintain manufacturing and product standards on a world-wide basis.

System Intergrator
BR OEM System Integration
METTLER TOLEDO offers a full
range of the world's best load cells and weigh modules, from a few grams to hundreds of tons
Excellence Plus XP
As the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory balances, our goal is to make weighing easier
Cub II
METTLER TOLEDO brings to you for the first time in India, the only wash down table-top scale with battery backup - Cub II
POS-223 HandyPOS
Powered by Maxwell processor with OPOS drivers available to support
POS-208TP MicroPOS
Powerful, yet affordable, all-in-one solution
PR-85 POS Printer
High speed and reliable thermal printers for faster customer service
PR-76 Printer
Dot-matrix printer powered by OPOS drivers with interface serial and parallel options
HS-410 Cash Drawer
Sturdy metallic cash drawer with RJ11 interface option
CD-460 Stand Alone Customer Display
Keeps your customer informed of the progress of the transaction
SI-810PR receipt printing
New generation system scale for retail