raj india

Our Motto :

Our commitment to deliver quality Equipments and services is pivotal in satisfying the high standards of our customers with our experience of above 10 years Having a wide sales/service network in RAJASTHAN, we can be the trusted partners of customers who seek to maintain manufacturing and product standards on a world-wide basis.

Our Vision
    Our vision is to provide World wide products to meet the
    needs of local market. . The company is marketing a broad series of
    electronic weighing machines & Weighing Systems. We are the traders
    in Rajasthan where we Serve the wide range of weighing machines &
    Weighing Systems  under the brand name of Mettler-Tolledo, Essae ,
    AND, Fisher.

  • All our products undergo stringent Quality checks at the incoming level.
  • We believe in Total Quality.
  • Our high rate of repeat Orders, customer referrals.

Mission :-
  • Innovation, Improvement shall be the pillars of our Raj India Digitronix.
To become the premier company for weighing machine products and services.
Raj India Digitronix is committed to growth through the Trading of new technology
and products, utilizing the highest standards of quality and service. Raj India
Digitronix is and will be a trading company organized to develop new ideas, solve
problems and find improvements for the measuring of weighing machine through
the use of technology and constant search for new applications and uses