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Our Motto :

Our commitment to deliver quality Equipments and services is pivotal in satisfying the high standards of our customers with our experience of above 10 years Having a wide sales/service network in RAJASTHAN, we can be the trusted partners of customers who seek to maintain manufacturing and product standards on a world-wide basis.

Food Processing
Moisture Analyzers
A METTLER TOLEDO moisture analyzer will give you the results you need with unsurpassed accuracy, speed and reliability.
Piece Counting
METTLER TOLEDO has a range of scales that comprehensively
covers all counting
Cub II
METTLER TOLEDO brings to you for the first time in India, the only wash down table-top scale with battery backup - Cub II
Classic Balances
Our Classic Plus balances feature FACT, the Fully Automatic
Calibration Technology from METTLER TOLEDO.
METTLER TOLEDO balances have become synonymous with reliability, accuracy and durability
NewClassic ML range are your convenient companion.
Excellence Plus XP
As the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory balances, our goal is to make weighing easier
Paint Scales
For a paint center, paint shop or repair and maintenance service to be successful, it must be able to produce the right colors quickly and reliably.
We have a team of service specialists covering metal detection and x-ray inspection technologies
MX-50 Moisture analyzer
Test with the best! Select the best moisture analyzer for your application
DS-451 milk weighing
Ideal for milk collection chilling centres
DS-451CW filling machine
Ideal for oil industries for tin and barrel filling
DS-215 hanging scale
Weighment through hanging
DS-215SS Platform scale
DS-215 series for accurate and reliable weighing in the toughest environment
DS-215 trolley scale
This portable scale is suitable for any business