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Our Motto :

Our commitment to deliver quality Equipments and services is pivotal in satisfying the high standards of our customers with our experience of above 10 years Having a wide sales/service network in RAJASTHAN, we can be the trusted partners of customers who seek to maintain manufacturing and product standards on a world-wide basis.

Cub II
METTLER TOLEDO brings to you for the first time in India, the only wash down table-top scale with battery backup - Cub II
Classic Balances
Our Classic Plus balances feature FACT, the Fully Automatic
Calibration Technology from METTLER TOLEDO.
METTLER TOLEDO balances have become synonymous with reliability, accuracy and durability
DS-852G Precision Balance
Elegent, Accurate & Reliable precision balance
DS-852 Weighing Scale
High accuracy system for precision weighment