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Our Motto :

Our commitment to deliver quality Equipments and services is pivotal in satisfying the high standards of our customers with our experience of above 10 years Having a wide sales/service network in RAJASTHAN, we can be the trusted partners of customers who seek to maintain manufacturing and product standards on a world-wide basis.

Pallet Truck Scale
Integrated printer for printing out weights Extra exchangeable battery module Stainless steel fork shoes Different loading or steering wheels
Vehicle Weighing Solutions
OverDrive® PC-based software works together with a weighing
terminal to provide capabilities such as multi-scale operation
Floor Scales
We combine innovative designs with the manufacturing capabilities to turn those designs into precision products.
BR OEM System Integration
METTLER TOLEDO offers a full
range of the world's best load cells and weigh modules, from a few grams to hundreds of tons
Minicat Wash-Proof Scale
Flame-proof scales are available in single range capacities of 30 kg to 600 kg only
IND 220/IND 225
The Large Display for the indicator family IND 22X is unique inits class. It Offers application like...
DS-415 Platform Scale

An ideal weighing system for grocery and general retail
DS-215SS Platform Scale 
DS-215 series for accurate and reliable weighing in the toughest environment
DC-85 Counting Scale
Strong and rugged platform counting scale for any type of counting and weighing operations

DS-215 Hanging Scale 
Weighment through hanging

DS-215 Trolley Scale 
This portable scale is suitable for any business

SI-810 System Scale 
Platform Type
Ideal System Indicator for all weighing operations

DS-451CW Filling Machine 
Ideal for oil industries for tin and barrel filling

DS-451 Milk Weighing 
Ideal for milk collection chilling centres

DS-315 series crane scale
Lift your productivity and profits to a new high
DS-451 Platform Scale
Fully stainless steel console with bright green VFD
Flexo Mount